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Best hookah cafe in Noida sector 18 : Gravity Mantra

Best hookah cafe in Noida sector 18 : Gravity Mantra


Gravity Mantra : Situated at the Noida Sec 18 .A small and simple seating space, this restaurant provides you class and soulful food, this casual dining restaurant have their strength in both the terms that is quality and quantity.In this fabulous setting, you get to enjoy delicious preparations of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian cuisine , each and every one of which is a must-try.

As you will step in their premises ,the staff will welcome you and will help you in placing order as they provide wide variety of cuisine. Coming to the food we tried their best cuisine :Chilly mushroom ,Chicken bhatti garnished with extra garlic sauce & chicken seekh kabab.

Chicken Wings

We think there’s no better comfort food than chicken wings; these deliciously juicy wings come with a exotic sauce .A very good chicken wings that is rich in flavour but moderate in spice . Chicken wings at Gravity Mantra,Sector 18,Noida can make you to come this place again and again .So far this is the best chicken wings we have tasted .

Chilly potatoes

When life gives you potatoes, we say, make them honey chilli. One of the top contenders on street food that is taking place in the category of best street food.The perfect crisp and the perfect sweet, this one’s worth a try! Honey Chilli Potato can keep you drooling, look no further than Gravity Mantra ,located at Sec 18. Here, food always makes you happy and their Chilli potatoes are no exception.This is the  perfect place to dig into honey chilli potatoes. Both the taste and the reasonable pricing will leave you asking for more.

Peprika chicken & tandoori paneer pizza

Peprika Chicken pizza, once you taste this love ,u can't get over the delicious pizza.The crust of the pizza can make you drool over it . Another pizza that we had tasted was tandoori paneer pizza ,it will be delight for a vegetarian pizza lover.This pizza can make you to forget all your life worries .Thus pizza of this place is a must if you call yourself a pizza beast .

Not only this gravity mantra provides you many offers, as this place is a hub of many noida college going students.Thus the best offer is of 700 rupees which provide you 4 drinks and 2 staters .Starters include (Pasta ,chilly potatoes ,paneer pizza,Chicken wings ,chicken pasta, chicken pizza & many more).

Try it , promise it won’t let you down .