About Us


Our Story

We all are college friends  with one thing in common which is our love for food. We all  love to eat explore and travel and this love led to  an idea of exploring the food joints in our area through videos so that everyone can  come to know about the best places in their area where they should surely go and grab a bite.

Our Approach

Our vision for our work is very simple which is do it in such a way that people are able to connect with it and at the end of the day they are getting to know something new from our videos.
Also at the same time our video is light, entertaining and can be watched by every individual.
Our motive is clear which is to explore the best food places which may or may not be famous but it’s the taste that will attract you to come again and again.

Meet the Team

We are the team of three members who are Pushpak Chaudhary, Mukul Paul, Aakash Sharma. We all are fun loving freaks, with a simple ideology of working hard and enjoying our work. We are always looking to do something better which will direct us towards our goal. The idea of working together is  to support each other in every possible way and to come out as a great team.

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