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Tea Trove, A Gift To The Tea World

Tea Trove, A Gift To The Tea World

There is nothing too broken in this world that cannot be fixed by a cup of tea. What type of tea you ask? Apparently, there are a lot of them. Which is what we came to know when the TVC team visited the Modern Bazar at Select City Walk, Saket

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Best hookah cafe in Noida sector 18 : Gravity Mantra

Best hookah cafe in Noida sector 18 : Gravity Mantra


Gravity Mantra : Situated at the Noida Sec 18 .A small and simple seating space, this restaurant provides you class and soulful food, this casual dining restaurant have their strength in both the terms that is quality and quantity.In this fabulous setting, you get to enjoy delicious preparations of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian cuisine , each and every one of which is a must-try.

As you will step in their premises ,the staff will welcome you and will help you in placing order as they provide wide variety of cuisine. Coming to the food we tried their best cuisine :Chilly mushroom ,Chicken bhatti garnished with extra garlic sauce & chicken seekh kabab.

Chicken Wings

We think there’s no better comfort food than chicken wings; these deliciously juicy wings come with a exotic sauce .A very good chicken wings that is rich in flavour but moderate in spice . Chicken wings at Gravity Mantra,Sector 18,Noida can make you to come this place again and again .So far this is the best chicken wings we have tasted .

Chilly potatoes

When life gives you potatoes, we say, make them honey chilli. One of the top contenders on street food that is taking place in the category of best street food.The perfect crisp and the perfect sweet, this one’s worth a try! Honey Chilli Potato can keep you drooling, look no further than Gravity Mantra ,located at Sec 18. Here, food always makes you happy and their Chilli potatoes are no exception.This is the  perfect place to dig into honey chilli potatoes. Both the taste and the reasonable pricing will leave you asking for more.

Peprika chicken & tandoori paneer pizza

Peprika Chicken pizza, once you taste this love ,u can't get over the delicious pizza.The crust of the pizza can make you drool over it . Another pizza that we had tasted was tandoori paneer pizza ,it will be delight for a vegetarian pizza lover.This pizza can make you to forget all your life worries .Thus pizza of this place is a must if you call yourself a pizza beast .

Not only this gravity mantra provides you many offers, as this place is a hub of many noida college going students.Thus the best offer is of 700 rupees which provide you 4 drinks and 2 staters .Starters include (Pasta ,chilly potatoes ,paneer pizza,Chicken wings ,chicken pasta, chicken pizza & many more).

Try it , promise it won’t let you down .

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Sandoz, Connaught Place (CP)

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If you find yourself stuck in search of a good restaurant in the inner circle,  then Sandoz  is the place to try for. The prices are very affordable for the youth.  The dishes are tasty and are presented in an appreciable manner.

 Talking about the quality and quantity both are remarkable in accordance with the prices. Though the place has small sitting area still it serves all the cuisines. 

On our recent visit to this place,  we tried out following dishes :

 1) Chilly mushroom

A nicely presented starter which was soft with swift gravy and was moderately spiced.

2) Chicken seekh kabab

A perfect starter for all the chicken lovers. It was cooked perfectly and was served with masala onions.  The serving was in good portion.

3) Chicken bhatti garnished with extra garlic sauce and cream-

A new dish that we tried over here and must say that this dish was worth it.   Quite attractive name and the combination of chicken bhatti with garlic sauce and cream was really tempting.Had a great experience  and would love to visit again.

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Amrik Sukhdev Murthal Since’56

Amrik Sukhdev, serving eateries since 1956  located on GT Karnal Road is a  multi cuisine  restaurant  which serves a great variety of  Indian,  Chinese and continental  dishes. The place is nicely built with good interiors  offering both indoor as well as outdoor seating options.
On our recent visit to this place,  we were really  lucky as we easily got our seats because it is a very rare chance.
We tasted alot of dishes like stuffed paranthas,  veg noodles,  lassi and also the shake.
All the stuffed paranthas are really heavy and great in taste.  Served with dahi,  white mahkan,  pickles and onion makes it a perfect meal. We tried onion pyaaz stuffed parantha, paneer parantha and soya keema parantha. All the dishes are served hot and are really good both in quality and quantity.
Lassi is a pure delight to have with these paranthe.  Both sweet and namkeen lassi are good in taste and are really worth trying.
Veg noodles  were not very spicy and were perfectly cooked.
All the staff members  are nicely dressed and their service is really quick.
The prices of the dishes in the menu are averagely priced and thus it is the best option if you are in that area.
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Fruits to have in summers


When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.
– Mark Twain

Now that summer is truly here, it is time to keep yourself hydrated and nourished more than ever. We list out a few fruits that you should have in your bag to instantly boost your energy levels this summer.


Summer’s coolest, juiciest and healthiest foods are melons. You can use them in salads, desserts, smoothies, milkshakes and even salsa. They’re good for the stomach, propel weight loss and help prevent many common health problems such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and common colds and flues.


The sweet citrus fruit is rich in potassium, a nutrient that’s crucial in the summer. Oranges are also about 80% water, so popping a few juicy slices will keep you hydrated during your sweatiest summer days.


Helps curb all kinds of cancer. Reduces cholesterol, boosts your immune system and prevents gall bladder stone. Good source of dietary fibre and Vitamin C. Apple with chaat masala is a healthy snack


This fruit can cure migraine and indigestion, is good for vision, asthma and skin, and also protects against sunburn. It is also an anti-aging agent. Frozen grapes dipped in yoghurt on a hot afternoon makes for a cooling snack. A good source of Vitamin C and K.


It keeps your skin wrinkle-free, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, fights cancer, good for pre-natal health. Strawberries are good for hormones and bones and has a good quantity of Vitamin C. Strawberry with cream is a good dessert option.


Good for diabetes, improves hormonal function, helps treat constipation, good for pregnant women, helps one relax and is good for the brain. Have a munch on guava with some chilli power and salt whenever you feel hungry.


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“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.”

Dave Berry

Chocolate is not a synonym for desserts or sweets anymore. The associated myths of ill-effects with chocolates have come to an end. They have great health benefits and reduce various issues in human body in the sweetest possible manner. Following is the list of health benefits offered by chocolates:

1) Chocolates may prevent with cancer:

Chocolates can be helpful in preventing cancer. The compounds present in cocoa suppress the growth of proteins present in cancer growth and stops the cell division.

2) Chocolates improves blood flow:

Researches state that regular intake of chocolates improves blood flow. It opens up the middle cerebral arteries and allows blood to flow better thereby, reducing the risk of strokes cased due to dead brain cells.

3) Chocolates reduces risks of heart attacks:

Regular intake of chocolates prevents from formation of blood clot and thereby, it reduces the risk of heart attacks. Regular chocolate eaters have better blood flow and blood platelets clump together at slower pace.

4) Chocolates reduces the risk of diabetes:

Diabetes is caused due to lack of insulin formation in body. Regular intake of chocolate reduces the risk of diabetes as it increases the insulin sensitivity in the body.

5) Chocolates controls coughs:

The sweetest way to get rid of cough is apparently chocolate. Researchers have shown that the sweet compound in chocolate, theobromine, reduces the vague nerves activity that triggers cough fits in the brain.

6) Chocolates are great for skin:

Scientists have proved that the chocolates are best remedy behind beautiful skin. Flavonoids found in dark chocolates protect women’s skin from the UV rays. It enhances the skin and the beauty of the women.