Hong Kong Express – Def Col

We  recently got our  food delivered from Hong Kong express, Defence Colony outlet. The following are the dishes that were ordered by us:
1. Peri peri chicken
The chicken was really soft and had a good taste with rice and the vegetables.
2. Singapore noodles
Noodles were good in taste with bit spicy taste and were served in good quantity.
3. Veg spring roll
Yummy spring rolls with the chutney had good stuffing and were crisp when it came.
4. Crispy Honey chilli chicken
Chicken was really tempting and was giving a good name and was not very sweet.
5. Non Veg Pan Fried Noodles
Last dish that I ordered was non veg pan fried noodles in which the chicken and the vegetables that I had with the noodles were perfect and the combination was really tasty.
The  best part was that the delivery was made  on the time and didn’t keep us  waiting for the food.
A great place and the food is worth trying.
The Vittle Cravers Ratings – 3.5/5