Kailash Colony’s favourite cafe : Cafe 27

Have you visited the Cafe 27 in Kailash Colony yet? No? Not an issue! Once you read this blog, you will have an intense craving to visit the place the next day only due to it’s mesmerising and fancy food and the light load on the pockets. The restaurant offers an indoor as well as roof top seating with a tinch of romantic and friendly environment especially in a good weather. The cafe offers delicious food and serving presentation is too attractive. Alcohol is available too, on the side bills. It is a place with a very attractive ambience. The service is good too.
For the food cravers, they have a very great food with good blend of spices and tasty starters which will make your mouth water right away.
We tried the following there –

1. Chilly chicken :

With the amazing presentation, this starter was spicy and delicious. Garnished with spring onions, what added to the taste as a side craver was the onions. It vitalised the taste buds and savoured them too. A very satisfying started!

2. Chicken Tikka :

Served with mint chutney, that day, chicken tikka was the dish that made my mouth water. It was the first thing on the menu that we ordered which arrived within 10 minutes and left us astonished with it’s taste. It was something that made me crave more for it, but we obviously had more to look forward to.

3. Refreshing Drinks :

There was a choice of mocktails and cocktails. We went for ordering mocktail only. The two mocktails we had were the CAPRIOSKA and the Virgin Mojito. They actually were refreshing!

4. Chilly potato :

The chilly potato I had here were the best I had had anywhere. With a slight crisp and a perfect blend of spices and sauces, the chilly potato turned out to be an amazing delicacy that day. I’d suggest you too to try it once.

5. Brownie sizzler with ice cream :

A lunch without a dessert is never complete. Thus, we went for the hot brownie sizzler with chocolate ice-cream topped with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. This was my personal favourite in the dessert section.

6. Hookah :

The kiwi flavoured hookah was as good as the service. The smoke was perfect. The coal, however, was changed only once due to the 99 sizzler offer we took.

You’ll be surprised to know a fact about cafe 27. All the food, drinks and the hookah mentioned above were from the 99 sizzler menu. The 99 sizzler menu is an offer from 12 noon to 5 pm where all the starters, drinks, hookah and desserts are available for ₹99 only, exclusive of taxes. This place is the best place to calm down your craving for some good food along with great hookah, ambience and drinks. Cocktails are available too, but that is off the 99 sizzler menu. Do visit the place to have an amazing moment without putting a pressure on your pockets!