National Park in Amar Colony : Tony’s Restaurant

Tried mouth-watering tasty street food lately? No? Come to National Park in Amar Colony at Tony’s Restaurant for some amazing and pocket-friendly food. With little seating area (only for 4-5 people) it will give you some snacks with desi twists like white, red and mix sauce pastas, maggi, chicken wings, chicken lollipop, paneer roll, burgers, noodles, chilly potato, mushroom tikka, wraps, aerated drinks, fruit beer – all with a wide range of variety at affordable prices. Not only this, these food are hell tasty too!

What this restaurant lacks is desserts.

We tried the following :

1) Chicken lollipop –

The best thing about chicken lollipop was the juiciness and the amazing hot chilly sauce that came with it! With toppings of coriander leaves and cabbage, it was a delicious item that the non-vegetarians must try! It was spicy with a blend of desi spices. It did fill us with immense satisfaction.

2) Chilly Potato –

Chilly potatoes have become very common these days and are available at almost every other place/restaurant/street food stalls/cafes etc. But, Chilly Potatoes are the best when they are crispy and spicy. Here, they were. With toppings of spring onion, these crispy chilly potatoes took our heart away. Properly blended and mixed, it gave us the satisfaction of a perfect chilly potato meal unlike the most restaurants that serve the same thing.

In drinks, we tried fruit beer and coca cola, which are too common but they complete the meal!

When you visit Amar Colony or Lajpat Nagar the next time, don’t forget to visit this place especially if you’re hell hungry and can manage eating without sitting as the place has space. It’s very near to the moolchand metro station. And these food will not put much pressure on your pockets too. 🙂