Orient Heritage, Malviya Nagar

Orient heritage has got in store some yummy and delicious Asian and Thai food. Are you an Asian food lover? Then this is the place to strike in.

For the starters, the dishes that I tasted Hibachi noodles which were tasty and spicy, as I like my noodles, Sichuan sauce which was amazingly spicy and mesmerising. I also tried the

Thai Red curry which was a main course dish but I loved it. I tried the Douchi also. The Spring rolls were really crispy and delicious.

And how can I forget the appetiser? For the appetiser, I had the best Manchow soup chicken. It was really tasty.

Then I had the main course in which I had the Steamed rice, Hakka noodles with Red Thai curry. All of it was beautifully and hygienically packed. It arrived warm and with yummy aroma.

And there’s always a place for the dessert for which I had the amazing golden fried wonton. Altogether it was an amazing experience and tasty food.