Punjabi Bagh’s Famous, The Bollywood Bistro

We recently visited Bollywood Bistro, located on club road, Punjabi Bagh. The ambiance here is great. The DJ was amazing and his song selection was really awesome. He made us jump to the dance floor.
The staff were really cooperative as they helped us in deciding the dishes and were also quick in their service which was appreciable. They served all the dishes in a nice presentable way. Out of the various dishes that were ordered I tasted chilly paneer which was really good in taste. I also tasted chicken tikka which was presented in a really nice way having fire at the bottom and chicken was hanging above it. The pieces were really soft and were very good in taste.
We  also tried sheesha. The flavour was really good and the smoke was also dense. I would strongly recommend you to visit this place. The Vittle Cravers (TVC) Ratings Р4/5