SDA Market’s Favourite, Scooter on the Wall

The place has a bar arrangement and it is a very clean place. As for the food, we tried a number of dishes ranging from different kinds of starters, drinks and yummiest of the desserts! The service started within 20 minutes just after we gave the order. Within 45 minutes, our table was full of food and food and food. The prices are way too affordable.


We tried the following

  1. Chocolate Kitkat Shake

Presented with a soft blend of chocolate and cream, topped with various sweet saunfs and presented with a kitkat bite, this shake just brought out the best in me.

2. White Chocolate Shake

White Chocolates are always a saviour! Especially when you have hard cravings for white chocolate. It was presented with a layer of cream upon it and it was very yummy.

3. Chocolate Brownie Shake

Brownies are so much love! And when mixed with shakes, they just bring out the best version of chocolate shakes.

4. Crispy Paneer Balls

Paneer sauteed deep and rolled on with crispy bread crumbs and masala gives you the authentic taste of everything. So just savour the yummy delights and enjoy it with the mint chutney.

5. Chicken Patty Burger

Juicy and soft Chicken Patty burger with spicy sauces and chutneys just made my day! The burger bun was fresh and soft enough to calm my cravings down.

6. Soya Malai Chaap

The chaap we got here were relatively a little less cooked and not presented properly. It was not that spicy too, or in our words, it was ‘FEEKA’. We did not have a good time with the malai soya chaap.

7. Salad Decoration

The salad decoration was amazingly presentable and done with immense ease.

8. Mushroom mac and Cheese 

Mushroom mac and Cheese served with a bowl of cooked yummy riced was equally good and cheesy in taste. It left us craving for more and more.

9. Butter Chicken Pasta

When you are a butter chicken and a pasta lover and you cannot decide between the two, you surely have to order this dish on the menu which will leave you unsatisfied and craving for more and more. So do try the Butter chicken Pasta here!

10. Cheesy grilled Fish

Fish with cheese and mint chutney, please! The fish pieces given to us were soft and fresh. It was very tasty. It is worth one try!

11. Mushroom Tikka

Who in the world doesn’t like yummy and spicy mushroom tikka? I do. I do. I do. 🙂

12. Soft Bread Butter Chicken Taco

Taco, I know is not an Indian dish and is not presented like this in this highly modified manner, but trust me, these Tavo with Butter Chicken Pasta fillings were beyond delicious. I suggest, you must give it a try.

13. Cheesy Rolls

Oooops! A food lover and would miss a chance to taste such a stuff present on the menu? Impossible. Cheese (in any form) is lifeline.So yes, this was important too. And yes, I must say they were very tasty.

14. Big Veggie Sandwich

Sandwich tossed with vegetables and cheese, alongwith mayo is a perfect relief! ANd Scooter on the Wall has to offer you a number of dishes blended and practiced with sandwiches.

15. Dahi Ke Kebabs

16. Darsan

Fried noodles broken and tossed with honey presented with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup is the best remedy of all the problems in the world.

The Vittle Cravers Ratings – 4/5