The Inner-chef

Few days Back,  we got the food delivered from the inner chef and the food was really tempting and was nicely presented. The food was nicely packed and the dishes were hot and drinks were cold as they should be, when they got delivered.
Following  were the dishes that were served to us:
1) Green mint cooler
It was a refreshing drink served cold with nice flavors.
2) Aam rise
It was a desert served with toppings of dry fruits and fruits. It was really good in taste and were served in good quantity. the taste of aam (mango) was really coming out well.
3)Mediterranean grilled chicken with yogurt sauce and salad
This was the dish that really took my heart away. The dish was really good in taste as the pieces were soft and were grilled really well and all the vegetables of the salad were fresh.
Had a really good experience with some amazing food after a long time.
TVC Ratings –  4/5 🙂