The Postman Kitchen, Sector 72, Noida

The Postman Kitchen is one of the famous restaurants of Sector 72, Noida. It is a perfect restaurant to hog in to your favourite mesmerizing food. We tried a number of dishes here and the service provided here is amazing. We started with a number of starters and we couldn’t resist ourselves.
We ordered a number of dishes like the following :
1) Paneer Tikka
Amazingly with a masala pinch and yummy achari flavour, it came out to be yummy and left us asking for more. The paneer were soft and fresh. This cottage cheese tikka was my favourite of the lot!
2) Dahi ke Kebab
Dahi ke Kebab are an invariable dish presented to us by the Postman Kitchen, Sector 72, Noida. It was delicious and finger-licking good.
3) Murgh Banjara Kebab
The Murgh Banjara Kebab were equally tasty and yummy. It left us craving for more and more.
4) Malai Tikka
Malai Tikka tossed with delicious malai.
We tried these two following dishes too. It was an amazing experience here. We would suggest you to try!
TVC ratings – 4/5